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Quick view of the model (open complete model with iMODELER):

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Køge Private Realskole and Gymnasium Schloss Plön developed in two project days concepts on how the region can grow together. On the first day we have developed ideas using flipchart paper. On the second day we used a free software (iMODELER) to visualize arguments on how to realize our ideas. Each group chose one idea and asked for factors the lead to more of the idea or less of the idea. For each factor we continued to ask what leads to more of it and what to less of it so that we came up with concrete things to do and concrete obstacles that block this idea.

It was important that each connection was correct: more of .... leads directly to more (+) or less (-) of ...

As colors we used:
red - problems
yellow - targets
green - concrete action
blue - resources (people, money, equipment, rooms, etc.)

Our first slide shows the total model with ... factors and ... connections (Menu Model properties). It also shows ... loops (Menu Loops)
Our second slide shows an example for the arguments we have connected. We have weighted the connections and defined whether a connection was weak or strong compared to other connections.
Our next slide shows the analysis (target factor - Insight Matrix) of the model. From all the arguments we can see (Tornado chart) that the most effective action would be to .... and the biggest obastacles are ....

We have published our model on and we all can use the software for free to model other topics.


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