INTERREG Project Days in Åbenrå Team Johanne, Thays, Kira, Robin and Kathrine


Model from perspective of factor growing together of a the INTERREG-region


We focused on benefits for the population and school life.

Model from perspective of factor Common sport event for German and Danish students


This was our main idea, the one we focused on the most. We thought that a sport event like this would be stressfull to plan, and we don't think, that there would be enough space to sleep. The schools shift to arrange the sport event every year. The sports event will take place with football, handball, athletics and other teamsports.

Model from perspective of factor Financed by sponsers


We had the idea that it could be sponsored by Interreg and companies. We also thought about making a t-shirt for Interreg so people can get to know Interreg.

Model from perspective of factor 5 days, get to know each other


We thought about a one week exchange for dansih and german students. Two days with the sport event and five days getting to know each other and the culture of the other country.